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Table 1 Duties of healthcare sectors during a public health emergency outbreak

From: Determinants of emergency response responsibility perceptions in the local public health workforce after China’s health sector restructuring

Provisions Source Duties The responsible sector
National public health emergency response plan (1) Under the direction of local health administrations, conduct inspection regarding the PHE response measures of hospitals HII
National health sector health emergency management specification (2) Conduct epidemiologic investigation CDC
Public health emergencies and infectious diseases surveillance information report management approach (3) Conduct inspection over the PHE response measures of CDCs HII
(4) Public information release Health bureaus
(5) Conduct supervision over the process of PHE response HII
(6) Organize/conduct a mass vaccination campaign CDC
(7) Conduct inspection over the enforcement of laws and regulations related to PHE HII
Several provisions of the health supervision system (8) Assist the local health administration to carry investigations into irregularities of PHE response HII
(9) Conduct supervision over the process of PHE response of health administrations Health bureaus