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Table 3 Mean scores on responsibility (1 = no responsibility, 5 = full responsibility) of various stakeholders for quality in the Dutch healthcare, education and food service industry (N = 819-838)a

From: The public’s voice about healthcare quality regulation policies. A population-based survey

  Health care Education Food service
Dutch Healthcare Inspectorate | Dutch Inspectorate of Education | Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority 4.42a 4.52a 4.36a
Care providers | Teachers | Personnel who prepare food 4.29a 4.46 4.43
Minister of Health, Welfare and Sports | Minister of Education, Culture and Science | Minister of Economic Affairs 4.17 4.23 3.74a
Managers 4.11a 4.38a 4.41
Direct colleagues of care providers | Direct colleagues of teachers | Direct colleagues of personnel who prepare food 3.92a 4.20a 4.13a
European Union 3.41a 3.48a 3.32a
Patients | Students and their parents | Consumers 2.98 3.22 2.70
  1. aSignificant score of responsibility compared to group of stakeholders with lower score. Intergroup comparisons were tested using the Wilcoxon signed rank test [47]. P-values of <0.05 were considered significant