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Table 4 Guidelines (Surgical)

From: A systematic review of social, economic and diplomatic aspects of short-term medical missions

Author Journal Year Contribution
Yeow et al. [23] J Craniofacial Surgery 2002 International consensus guidelines for cleft missions
Eberlin et al. [24] Cleft Palate Craniofacial Journal 2008 Quality assurance guidelines based on 20 years’ experience
Hadlock [31] Archives of Facial and Plastic Surgery 2008 Keys to optimizing outcomes in multistage procedures
Schneider et al. [25, 29] Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 2011 Guidelines for plastic surgery in pediatrics (Part I); Ethical Guidelines (Part II)
Politis et al. [26] Anesthesia and Analgesia 2011 Guidelines for perioperative care in pediatrics (collaborating specialties)
Holt [27, 28] Archives of Facial and Plastic Surgery 2012 Ethical guidelines for informed consent (I) and case photography (II)
Vyas et al [30] Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 2013 Guidelines for surgical emergency preparedness and response
Grimes et al [32] World Journal of Surgery 2013 General guidelines applicable to any type of surgical mission
Guidelines (Non-surgical)
Author Publication Year Contribution
Suchdev et al [34] Ambulatory Pediatrics 2007 Ethical guidelines for sustainable non-surgical pediatric missions
Maki et al [2] BMC Health Services Research 2008 Developed six instruments to assess mission quality
Chapin & Doocy [33] World Health & Population 2010 Integrated broad guidelines for all (surgical/non-surgical) missions
DeCamp [35] HEC Forum 2011 Aligns ethical guidelines for STMMs with those implemented in the conduct of international clinical drug/device trials