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Table 4 Authors conclusions on variation, length of stay

From: A systematic review of the magnitude and cause of geographic variation in unplanned hospital admission rates and length of stay for ambulatory care sensitive conditions

Paper ID

Author Conclusions

Significant Variation



  Claeys 2013

“Large inter-hospital variations”



  Feagan 2000

“Considerable heterogeneity in LOSwas noted among the hospitals”



  Klausen 2012

“We show significant regional differences”



  Cabre 2004

“Significant variations…among the 27 community hospitals”

  Garau 2008

“Length of stay varied markedly among centres”



  Hosker 2007

“Wide variability between hospitals”

  Price 2006

“The wide variation between hospital units…is probably unacceptable”

  Roberts 2002

“The variation between hospitals…was very wide”



  Conway 2009

“We found high variability in outcomes”

  Krumholz 1999

“Significant inter hospital differences in the unadjusted length of stay”

Variation Exists




  Rudd 2001

“[Length of stay] varied by a mean of eight days between region”



  Brogan 2012

“LOS differed across hospitals”

  Drye 2012

“Mean patient LOS at the hospital level varied for each condition”

No Conclusion



  Pozo-Rodriguez 2012

No conclusions