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Table 1 Data collection during the study period

From: Discrepancies in assessing home care workers’ working conditions in a Norwegian home care service: differing views of stakeholders at three organizational levels

  2009 2010 2011 2012
Questionnaire (n = 138/181a)   n = 80/148d  
Interview 17 HCWsb 2 ML   5 ULe
5 ULc 1 ED 1 ML
1 ML 1 KI
  1. HCWs home care workers, UL unit leader, ML municipal level representatives, ED economy department, KI key informant
  2. aResults presented in a previous publication [6]. Parenthesis indicating data not included in the present study
  3. bMaterial also analyzed in a previous publication [11]. Data reanalyzed and included in the present study
  4. cUnits A–D, F
  5. d54.05 % response rate
  6. eUnits A–C, E, F