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Table 1 Main strategies of oral anticoagulant therapy in Spain

From: Cost-effectiveness analysis of dabigatran and anticoagulation monitoring strategies of vitamin K antagonist

Modality Test Dose adjustment Comments
PSM Patient Patient Dose adjustment may sometimes require telephone help from a health professional
PCpc RN in primary care center using portable coagulometer RN in health center Blood samples may be taken in the patient’s home on some occasions
Hpc RN in hospital using portable coagulometer Specialist in hospital Involves the addition of a portable coagulometer to the conventional centralized model
Hvp RN in hospital using venipuncture Specialist in hospital Conventional centralized mode of OAT control in the so-called “Sintrom Units” in Spain.
Dabi No monitoring No adjustment Dabigatran does not require dose adjustment
  1. RN Registered nurse; PSM Patient self-management; PCpc Primary care using portable coagulometry; Hpc Hospital with portable coagulometry; Hvp Hospital with venipuncture; Dabi Dabigatran