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Table 1 Included systematic reviews

From: A systematic review of hospital accreditation: the challenges of measuring complex intervention effects

Reference Search date Aim of review Study design included Number of included studies Main conclusion stated by authors Studies that match our inclusion criteria
Flodgren et al. 2011 [15] May 2011 Evaluate the effectiveness of external inspection of compliance with standards in improving healthcare organizations behavior, healthcare professionals behavior and patient outcomes RCT, CCT, ITS, CBA Two in total, 1 RCT, 1 ITS No firm conclusion were drawn due to paucity of high-quality controlled evaluations Salmon et al. [18]
Matrix Knowledge group 2010 [16] August 2010 Produce a general overview of results obtained and methodologies used to assess impact of accreditation Studies containing an element of comparison 56 in total, 40 studies with quantitative design of which 1 study presented empirical data Most studies suggest that accreditation/certification has an impact on the organization or on the professional practice. The impact on health outcomes or improvement in these outcomes was not demonstrated. Salmon et al. [18]
Alkhenizan & Shaw 2011 [17] June 2009 Evaluate the impact of accreditation programs on the quality of healthcare services Clinical trials, observational studies and qualitative studies 26 in total, 10 studied accreditation of hospitals of which 1 had a hospital control group Accreditation improves the process of care provided by healthcare services Salmon et al. [18]
  1. A synthesis of the three included systematic reviews