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Table 5

From: What are the core predictors of ‘hassles’ among patients with multimorbidity in primary care? A cross sectional study

Items Health Care ‘Hassles’
1 Lack of information about my medical condition
2 Lack of information about treatment options
3 Lack of information about why my medication was prescribed to me
4 Problems getting my medication refilled on time
5 Uncertainty about when or how to take my medications
6 Side effect from my medications
7 Lack of information about why I have been referred to a specialist (hospital doctor)
8 Having to wait a long time to get an appointment for specialists (hospital doctors)
9 Poor communication between different doctors or clinics
10 Disagreement between my doctors about my diagnosis or the best treatment for me
11 Lack of information about why I need lab test or x-rays
12 Having to wait too long to find out the results of the lab tests or x-rays
13 Difficulty getting questions answered or getting medical advice between scheduled appointments
14 Lack of time to discuss all my problems during scheduled appointment
15 Having my concerns ignored or overlooked by my health care providers
16 Medical appointments that interfere with my work, family, or hobbies