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Table 2 Topics discussed during interviews

From: Migrants’ perceptions of aging in Denmark and attitudes towards remigration: findings from a qualitative study

• Migration history: motives for migrating, experiences during migration and perception of changes in health and social circumstances following arrival in Denmark
• Everyday life in Denmark: social relations to relatives, friends and the wider society, integration and feelings of belonging, roles and responsibilities within families, quality of life, aging expectations, remigration
• Perceptions of health: health status, importance attached to health promotion and early detection, utilization and perceived quality of Danish healthcare services (general practitioner, hospitals and screening programmes) and social services, access barriers (language, knowledge, motivation, social network involvement, geographical distance), perceived risk of diseases
• Perceptions of cancer in general and breast cancer in particular: causes of cancer, severity, perceived vulnerability, family history of cancer, experiences with cancer in country of birth and in Denmark
• Mammography screening: awareness, knowledge of content of invitation and procedure, experiences with participation, barriers for participation and facilitating factors, perceived pros and cons of the programme, suggestions for improvement