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Table 2 Comparison of the compositions of WHO-ABHR formula and the formula modified in a rural tertiary care hospital in Central India to prepare the ‘Micro Kavach

From: A step-wise approach towards introduction of an alcohol based hand rub, and implementation of front line ownership- using a, rural, tertiary care hospital in central India as a model

Components WHO- ABHR formula Formula of the ‘MicroKavach
(80% alcohol/liter) (80% alcohol/liter)
Ethyl alcohol 96%: 833.3 ml 95%: 842 ml
Hydrogen peroxide 3%: 41.7 ml 3%: 41.7 ml
Glycerol 98%: 14.5 ml 98%: 15.5 ml
Water 110.8 ml 96.8 ml
Rose extract NIL 4 ml
Total Amount 1000 ml 1000 ml
  1. ABHR- Alcohol based hand rub, WHO-World Health Organization.