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Table 1 Potential explanatory variables

From: Predictors of chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency procedure use among older people with multiple sclerosis: a national case–control study

Category Variable Category Variable
Satisfaction with conventional health care Number of alternative therapies (not liberation) MS severity Participation (FAI domestic)
Number of medications Participation (FAI leisure)
General practitioner rating Participation (FAI outdoor)
MS nurse rating Physical impact of MS (MSIS-29)
Physiotherapy and occupational therapy rating Psychological impact of MS (MSIS-29)
Neurologist helpfulness rating Years with MS
Mental health Diagnosed anxiety Disability (Barthel Index)
Diagnosed depression Lifestyle/Overall health Number of co-morbid conditions
Anxiety symptoms (HADS-A) Health habits (SLIQ)
Depression symptoms (HADS-D) Body Mass Index (BMI)
Resilience (RS) Resources Social support (PRQ-2000)
Fatigue Living situation
  Financial resources
  1. HADS-A or -D, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale –Anxiety or -Depression; RS, Resilience Scale; FAI, Frenchay Activities Index; SLIQ, Simple Lifestyle Indicator Questionnaire; BMI, Body Mass Index; PRQ-2000, Personal Resource Questionnaire version2000.