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Table 1 Resources and unit costs used for cost calculation

From: Cost-utility analysis of a preventive home visit program for older adults in Germany

Sector Service/goods Units Monetary values (unit costs)
Nursing care Formal care Nursing home care Days Type specific mean rates by level of care, market prices [32]
Ambulatory care Hours Type specific wage [33,34]
Informal care Hours Type specific wage (replacement cost approach) [33,34]
Inpatient services Acute hospital and hospitals for rehabilitation Days Type specific mean rates [35-37]
Medication Product Quantity Official pharmaceutical index (Rote Liste) [39]
Outpatient physician services GP, specialists (e.g. cardiologist, internist, ophthalmologist) Contacts Type specific mean rates [38]
Outpatient non-physician services e.g. physiotherapy, massage, lymph drainage, ergotherapy Contacts Reimbursement schedule [40-42]
Medical devices and dentures Product Quantity Market prices and reimbursement schedules [38,43,44]
Transportation Transportation by car, public transport, taxi or ambulance km, quantity Market prices, EUR 0.30 per km for transport by car [45]
  1. GP = General practitioner; km = kilometer.