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Table 4 Fixed, variable and average costs of CDSS intervention in USD, 2009-13

From: Cost of installing and operating an electronic clinical decision support system for maternal health care: case of Tanzania rural primary health centres

Item Total Percentage
Fixed Cost (CDSS) 117991.71 92.5
Variable Cost (CDSS) 9514.46 7.5
Total Economic Cost (CDSS) 127506.17 100.0
Total ANC contacts registered at study sites (1 year) 2386.00 100.0
Total ANC contacts using CDSS (1 year) 1665.00 70.0
Total childbirths registered at study sites (1 year) 887.00 100.0
Total childbirths using CDSS (1 year) 754.00 85.0
Total CDSS contacts (ANC plus childbirths using CDSS) 2419.00  
Cost per CDSS contact (Total Economic Cost (CDSS)/Total CDSS contacts) 52.71