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Table 1 Summary table indicating the rationale for inclusion of different cost items

From: Cost of installing and operating an electronic clinical decision support system for maternal health care: case of Tanzania rural primary health centres

Cost category Cost item and inclusion criteria
1. Capital cost In this category we included the following;
a. Laptop computers- used to operate the CDSS.
b. Furniture- table and chair for CDSS workstation.
c. Vehicle- for effective support supervision and monitoring (due to distance and terrain, purchase was cheaper as opposed to renting).
d. Facility- space and electricity for CDSS operation.
e. CDSS software – estimated market price.
2. Recurrent cost In this category we included the following;
a. Transport- running and maintenance cost of the vehicle, and bus, flight and taxi charges.
b. Personnel- time compensation for personnel including an estimation of health workers cost.
c. Training- all costs incurred during basic computer skills and CDSS specific skills training (training materials, allowances, transport, venue and refreshments).
d. Supplies- office supplies and consumables (stationery, printing, photocopying etc.).
e. Communication- mainly internet and telephone cost.