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Table 3 Unique rural/urban manifestations of convenience subthemes

From: How rural and urban parents describe convenience in the context of school-based influenza vaccination: a qualitative study

  Concept Exemplar quote
RURAL Temporal access: Limited hours of operation of influenza immunization clinic “I know we had one clinic in [Community A] but it was only one night and not everybody could make it out for that time…” (FG 13 rural)
  Physical Access: Having to drive to a different town to access an influenza vaccination clinic “I still have to travel to the next town…which is like 25 minutes away.” (FG 11 rural)
  Physical Access: Lack of stability in influenza immunization clinic locations “…The flu shot was just at a hotel, they set up a walk-in thing. The next year it was at the civic center, or the health unit. It is all over the place.” (FG 17 rural)
URBAN Physical Access: Transportation barriers “…parents not driving and clinics not being close to them…” (FG 5 urban)
“… with us we were driving in rush hour … and I hate that.” (FG 6 urban)