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Table 2 Level 4 themes with exemplar quotes within Level 3 theme ‘Convenience’

From: How rural and urban parents describe convenience in the context of school-based influenza vaccination: a qualitative study

  Rural Urban
Reduction of parental burden to schedule “If it is at school, the children are already there and we can just sign them up and then it is taken care of, rather than juggle schedules between work and children’s activities to get them to those special clinic times.” (FG 10 rural) “…having four children in three different schools and … in different after school activities, just pinpointing a time where I can take them or have to take them out of school to get their flu vaccination is very hard. Plus I’m a full-time student myself. So it’s kind of like an orchestrated play that we have to do just to get to our vaccination after.” (FG 2 urban)
Reduction in parental lost time “…it would probably be a great time saver. You don’t have to worry about taking time off work, you don’t have to worry about rushing home from working during the evening, or waiting in long lines with small children…” (FG 10 rural) “There will be, whether admitted or not, parents who will be happy to have their children have the flu shot because therefore their kids won’t get sick and have to take time off school and therefore they won’t have to take time off work to be with their kid.” (FG 4 urban)
Decrease in parental stress “…they don’t have to go and take their kid and go through that ordeal of having them cry and being upset. It is done at school, and they don’t have to worry about [it].” (FG 12 rural) “…then they don’t have to worry about fighting their kids. The screaming, the crying, the no, no, no…” (FG 1 urban)
Increases physical access points for influenza immunization “…definitely convenience, especially in [community A], because we don’t have a health clinic yet. We do have to make that trip to [community B] or into the city.” (FG 13 rural) “I think another benefit too if a parent doesn’t drive. If you are new to the country and you don’t drive and you are depending on somebody else to drive you to the flu clinic but yet your children are getting it, you might be able, during the day, to get yourself to a flu clinic; but to take four kids with you on the bus [is a hardship]…” (FG 2 urban)
Increases temporal access to influenza immunization “…in our community they would only have the flu shot at certain times, like only every Tuesday from 7–9 for three periods in September or October. So if you don’t remember that, then you’ve missed your chance…” (FG 15 rural) Concept did not arise in urban FG