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Table 1 Data collection and intervention timeframes for each hospital

From: Collaborating with front-line healthcare professionals: the clinical and cost effectiveness of a theory based approach to the implementation of a national guideline

Hospital Auditors Pre intervention audit timeframes Implementation time frames Post-intervention audit timeframes
H1 3 x junior doctors; 1 x registrar 1st Jan-31st Mar 11 1st Sep 11-8th Feb 12 9th Feb-9th May 12
H2 1 x consultant, 2 x junior doctors, 2 x registrars, 1 x medical student 1st Aug-31st Nov11 1st May-31st Aug 12 8th Sept-1st Nov 12
H3 3 x junior doctors, 2 x registrars 1st Feb-30th Sept 11 1st Jun-15th Sept 12 17th Sept-4th Oct 12
H4 (control) 3 x junior doctors, 1 x audit manager, 2 x dietician 1st Jan-30th Nov 11 N/A (control) 1st Feb-31st Dec 12