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Table 1 Activities of Medical Assistant (MA) and Community Health Worker (CHW)

From: Comparing the implementation of team approaches for improving diabetes care in community health centers

Discuss the patient case with the clinician X  
Agenda setting with the patient X  
Ordering routine services X X
History tracking X X
During the visit   
Document clinician findings X  
Send electronic descriptions to pharmacy X  
Write prescriptions for the clinician to sign X  
Discuss patients’ concerns X X
Recapitulate the advice given by the clinician X X
Set goals with the patient X X
Make sure that patients can navigate the system X X
Between visits   
Provide culturally appropriate health education and information X X
Assure that people with diabetes receive the services they need X X
Follow up via telephone X X
Offer informal counseling and social support   X
Provide information to families to support lifestyle changes   X
Build individual and community capacity   X
Make home visits to patients   X
Reach out into the community of patients   X