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Table 2 Admissions among the homeless admitted for an ACSC by condition type and condition

From: Preventable hospital admissions among the homeless in California: A retrospective analysis of care for ambulatory care sensitive conditions

Ambulatory care sensitive condition Percent N = 1,754
Chronic conditions 64.14
Diabetes with/without complications 18.93
Congestive heart failure 13.97
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 11.97
Epilepsy/Convulsions 9.29
Asthma 5.36
Hypertension 4.62
Acute conditions 34.72
Pneumonia 14.31
Noninfectious gastroenteritis 11.23
Urinary tract infections 5.30
Gastroenteritis 1.94
Appendicitis/Other appendiceal conditions 1.43
Pelvic inflammatory disease NS
Preventable conditions 1.14
Tuberculosis 0.63
Nutritional deficiencies NS
Influenza NS
  1. NS = Data not sufficient to report.