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Table 1 Eligibility Criteria

From: Comparison of a one-time educational intervention to a teach-to-goal educational intervention for self-management of heart failure: design of a randomized controlled trial

Inclusion Criteria Exclusion Criteria
1. Diagnosis of HF 1. Inadequate vision (can not see materials)
2. At least 1 of the following 2. On dialysis or starting it within a year
   a. LVH on ECG or echocardiogram 3. Severe valvular disease
   b. Ejection fraction less than 50% 4. Using oxygen for COPD
   c. Pulmonary edema on CXR 5. Life expectancy less than 1 year
   d. Elevated B-type Natiuretic Peptide 6. Unable to pass a mini cog cognitive screener – recall 1 of three words and clock drawing [9]
3. A loop diuretic 7. Lives in a nursing facility or other situation where they do not have control of medication
4. NYHA Class II symptoms or higher  
5. Age 20 or older  
6. Has a working phone  
7. Speaks English of Spanish (Spanish Speaking patients recruited at UCSF and UCLA only)