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Table 2 Chronic illness cases with reported diagnosis or symptoms

From: Affordability, availability and acceptability barriers to health care for the chronically ill: Longitudinal case studies from South Africa

Chronic illness case number Pseudonym Reported allopathic diagnosis Description of symptoms provided by respondent, when could not provide an allopathic diagnosis
HV 1 Khulekani   Diarhorrea, sores, weight loss
HV 2 Railinah   Itching sores, vomiting
HV 3 Kulani   Leg and hand become stiff; fingers won't straighten; terrible headache
HV 4 Essie   headache, numbness in figures, painful legs
HV 5 Florah   headache; body pains and swollen hands; painful eyes, painful throat; numbness in leg;
HV 6 Polile   Collapses, faints.
HV 7 Phumuzile   Chest problem
HV 8 Bohani TB  
HV 9 Philemon TB  
HV 10 Decan TB  
HV 11 Jafeth TB  
HV 12 Lindiwe Hypertension  
HV 13 Elphas Hypertension  
HV 14 Sipho TB  
HV 15 Ernest AIDS  
HV 16 Esther Hole in heart  
V 17 Nomsa   Rashes and sores
V 18 Lungile   Sores around stomach
V 19 Glory   Cough, shingles, dizzies, stabbing pains in stomach
V 20 Losta   Swollen legs, whole body painful, sharp pain under right breast
V 21 Vusi TB  
V 22 Johannes Stoke  
V 23 Nkukueko Asthma  
V 24 Clifford TB  
V 25 Nancy Hypertension  
V 26 Freddy Asthma  
V 27 Gale Asthma  
S 28 Khensani   Chest and knees problem, sometimes dark shade over her eyes
S 29 Nonhlanhla   Heart beating, sweating, difficulty breathing, fainted
S 30 Phinias Mental illness  
S 31 Dorcus Hypertension  
S 32 Ruth Hypertension  
S 33 Precious Hypertension  
S 34 Nonhlanhla Epilepsy  
S 35 Sbusiso Epilepsy