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Table 5 Elements of Success – Results from 3 Studies

From: Priority setting: what constitutes success? A conceptual framework for successful priority setting

Views of International Scholars and Decision Makers (Delphi) Views of Canadian Decision Makers
Views of Canadian Patients and Decision Makers (Focus Groups)
(1) Improved Stakeholder Understanding
(2) Acknowledgement of Appeals
(3) Increased Stakeholder Acceptance and Satisfaction
(4) Improved Decision Making & Social Learning
(5) Shift in Resource Distribution
(6) External Factors
(1) Explicit Process
(2) Context Consideration
(3) Consideration of Values
(4) Inclusive Process
(5) Effective Communication
(6) External Guidance and/or Directives
(7) Support a Learning Organization
(1) Integrated Process
(2) Inclusive Process
(3) Effective Communication
(4) Education
(5) Transparency of Process and Information
(6) Consideration of Context
(7) Consideration of Values
(8) Recognized Shift/Change in Resources