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Table 1 An overview of dataset availability in the MENA region

From: The case for developing publicly-accessible datasets for health services research in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region

  MENA Countries Human Resources in Health Health Data Quality Health System and facilities Financial Statistics Middle East Cancer Consortium¥ Middle East IVF Registry£
1 Afghanistan     
2 Bahrain    
3 Cyprus        
4 Djibouti (F)       
5 Egypt    
6 Iran     
7 Iraq      
8 Jordan    
9 Kuwait      
10 Lebanon     
11 Libya      
12 Morocco (F)      
13 Oman      
14 Palestine*      
15 Pakistan      
16 Qatar      
17 Saudi Arabia     
18 Somalia      
19 Sudan      
20 Syria      
21 Tunisia (F)     
22 United Arab Emirates     
23 Western Sahara**        
24 Yemen      
  1. * Referred to as West Bank and Gaza on some international websites; This is the only MENA country with publicly accessible databases (through the (Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics)
  2. ** This is a conflict country
  3. ¥ Lebanon is not a member of this consortium, probably since Israel is also a member: They have an 82-page "Manual of standards for Cancer Registration" available on: They also have a link to all publications from the registry on:;
  4. £ No website was found for the In-Vitro Fertilization registry. A report by Ragaa Mansour about the IVF registry was documented