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Table 1 Triangulation in health needs assessment

From: Community health needs assessment with precede-proceed model: a mixed methods study

Type of triangulation Example
Data source triangulation Existing data review Analyzed main health problem by reviewing existing health data from CDC
  Investigation Prioritized health problem by investigating health problem and risk factors with different methods
Methods triangulation Participation (Ranking) Prioritized health problem by listing and ranking health concerns (people's perceived needs and priorities)
  FGD Discussed the health problems, risk factors and their influencing factors (people's perceived needs, priorities, influence factors)
  Key informant interview Assessed the health resources for health promotion (resources, policy)
  Questionnaires Surveyed the health problems ("actual needs"), risk factors
Researchers triangulation Teachers Role of moderator in 4 FGDs and key informants interviews, and analyzed all FGDs and key informants interviews
  Graduates Role of moderator in 8 FGDs