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Table 1 Dimensions of the COPSOQ, SWOP and BRCS questionnaires

From: Physicians' working conditions and job satisfaction: does hospital ownership in Germany make a difference?

Scales N of items Items
Job demands   
Quantitative demands 4 "Do you have to work very fast?"
Emotional demands 3 "Do you get emotionally involved in your work?"
Demands for hiding emotions 2 "Does your work require that you hide your feelings?"
Job resources   
Possibilities for development 4 "Do you have the possibility of learning new things through your work?"
Degree of freedom at work 4 "Can you decide when to take a break?"
Influence at work 4 "Do you have a large degree of influence concerning your work?"
Social relations 4 "Do you work isolated from your colleagues?"
Sense of community 3 "Is there a good co-operation between you and your colleagues?"
Social support 4 "How often do you get help and support from your colleagues?"
Quality of leadership 4 "To what extent would you say that your immediate superiors are good in solving conflicts?"
Feedback at work 2 "How often do you talk with your colleagues about how well you carry out your work?"
Personal resources   
Resilience 4 "Regardless of what happens to me, I believe I can control my reaction to it."
Self efficacy 5 "I face difficulties with relative ease because I can count on my abilities."
Optimism 2 "I'm always optimistic about my future."
Pessimism 2 "Things never go the way I want."
Job outcome   
Job satisfaction 4 "Regarding your work in general. How pleased are you with your job as a whole, everything taken into consideration?"