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Table 2 structured care characteristics in 49 physician groups

From: Structured chronic primary care and health-related quality of life in chronic heart failure

Characteristic (% yes)
Regular clinical meetings on CHF patients 18.8
Special hours for patients with heart disease 10.4
Agreements with cardiologist on sharing of information and organization of care 24.5
Decision support  
• Info materials present for patients regarding guideline adherence 58.5
• Presence of HF protocol in practice 88.6
Delivery system design  
• Next appointment made immediately after visit 91.1
• Continuity of care for CHF patients is a high priority 88.9
• Frequency and content of visit are tailored to individual patients 100.0
• Clear tasks and responsibilities practice members 31.8
• Someone who assures that tasks and responsibilities are clearly defined 34.9
• Appointment system facilitates the patient seeing multiple practice employees in a single visit 13.8 #
Self-management support  
• Assessment and documentation of self-management needs and activities is part of the treatment 84.4
• Patient involvement in treatment plans 86.7
• Someone responsible for self-management in patients with HF 16.3
Clinical information systems  
• Reminders build in EMR 25.0
• Reminders are periodically received 11.1
• Information related to the needs of HF patients is provided to practice members 16.7
Sum score structured care characteristics (0–17; mean, SD) 8.3 (2.7)
  1. # significant association with lifestyle advice: β = 1.0; 95% CI (0.0, 2.0); p = 0.04