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Table 9 Suggestions (n = 38)*

From: Survey of patient satisfaction with the Breastfeeding Education and Support Services of The Royal Women's Hospital, Melbourne

Items No. of clients
Increase awareness of service availability 4
Improve entrance 1
Prompt service (shorter waiting times) 1
Expansion of premises & facilities 10
Improve privacy 2
Home visits 2
Increase staff members 1
Technical performance of staff  
Improve advice (balanced advice with bf, ebm and formula) 4
Separate management for older babies 1
Improve advice given through telephone 1
Improve advice given for twins 1
Improve advice on further options 1
Work with other professionals to address secondary complaints 1
Communications with staff  
Improve staff communication 1
Promote mother's autonomy over situation 1
Continuity with attending consultant 3
Interpersonal relationship  
Give more encouragement 2
Give more empathy to mothers 1
More research into treating low supply 1
"Tell us how to lobby for more resources... " 1
  1. *Clients could have given more than one suggestion