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Table 7 Most satisfactory aspects (n = 70)*

From: Survey of patient satisfaction with the Breastfeeding Education and Support Services of The Royal Women's Hospital, Melbourne

Items No. of clients
Quick appointment 5
Wonderful resource/Availability of the service 4
Short waiting period 1
Comfortable environment 8
Presence of other moms in similar situation 6
Satisfied with food (was provided/quality) 5
Free service 2
Availability of resources 1
Sufficient privacy 1
Follow up contact available 1
Sufficient time in day-stay appointment 1
Technical performance of staff  
Staff were professional 18
Knowledgeable staff (satisfied with advice given) 16
Sufficient individual attention 11
Diagnosis – was made/made promptly 4
Written advice (was given/helpful) 2
Solved problem 1
Telephone consultations were helpful 1
Given options 6
Opportunity to discuss concerns 1
Interpersonal relationship with staff  
Good staff attitude 23
Encouragement/Reassurance/Feedback 13
Staff were helpful 1
  1. *Clients could comment on more than one aspect of the visit(s)