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Table 1 Outcome measures

From: Can an EASYcare based dementia training programme improve diagnostic assessment and management of dementia by general practitioners and primary care nurses? The design of a randomised controlled trial

Variable Primary outcomes Secondary outcomes Background Instrument/Source T0 T1 Tx
Number of dementia diagnosis1 EMD2, self registration forms
Number of cognitive assessments1 EMD, self registration forms
Number of emergency consultations1 EMD, self registration forms
Adherence to guidelines EMD, self registration forms/QIs
Change of knowledge Own questionnaire
Change of Attitude Own questionnaire
Change of skills Own questionnaire
Age Own questionnaire
Sex Own questionnaire
Practice size Own questionnaire
Practice experience Own questionnaire
Percentage elderly in practice Own questionnaire
Chronic care programs in practice Own questionnaire
Age Own questionnaire
Sex Own questionnaire
Co-morbidity EMD
Satisfaction intervention Own questionnaire
Informal carers        
Age Own questionnaire
Sex Own questionnaire
Satisfaction intervention Own questionnaire
Burden informal caregiver SSCQ3
  1. T0 is baseline measurement
  2. T1 is follow up measurement, after 9 months
  3. Tx is 3 months after starting each assessment
  4. 1 measurement of 'number' during a period of 9 months
  5. 2 Electronic Medical Dossier
  6. 3 Short Sense of Competence Questionnaire