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Table 7 Representative quotes: saving time

From: Professional centred shared decision making: Patient decision aids in practicein primary care

7:1 You have to cut corners in everything and the amount of information you give and use of decision aids is one of the corners that you cut. (GP1 – Male – FG1)
7:2 I think it can be more time consuming as well to have a consultation [employing SDM]. (GP1 – Male – FG3)
7:3 I think probably long term it would save time but within your day to day practice you're very much working under a lot of pressure so it could be difficult to try and fit things in. (GP2 – Female – FG4)
7:4 Perhaps we should see SDM as a lot of that going on between consultations rather than during a consultation. (GP1 – Male – FG2)
7:5 More time making the correct decision ... would save time in the future. (GP1 – Female – FG4)