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Table 1 Representative quotes: practitioner centred practice (Focus Group 1)

From: Professional centred shared decision making: Patient decision aids in practicein primary care

1:1 Well I explain what I think is best ... and with a bit of luck they'll say "that's fine" and do it. (GP1 – Male)
1:2 There is one area where I don't particularly want decision aids or I don't want too much information [or] discussion, that's antibiotics because very few patients consider the public health implications of resistance. (GP1 – Male)
1:3 [If an interactive PDA introduced] you might lose doctors and clinicians altogether! Virtual GPs! (GP3 – Female)
1:4 I do share with patients' information and the main source of information is my brain... Shall we do A or shall we do B? (GP2 – Male)
1:5 Some patients are able to process the information that you give them very easily and other people might even be not able to read or the information that is given to them is very difficult to interpret. (GP2 – Male)
1:6 [SDM means] partnership in your decision making and in the care between you and patient. (Nurse practitioner – Female)