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Table 2 Extracted data from the selected full papers

From: Interventions to prevent disability in frail community-dwelling elderly: a systematic review

1. Methodological Quality of Trials (Criteria List by Cochrane Back Review Group)
Descriptive Items
1. Were eligibility criteria clearly specified?
2. Were index and control interventions explicitly described?
3. Was described whether adverse effects had or had not occurred?
4. Was a short-term follow-up measurement (directly after the intervention) of disability performed?
5. Was a long-term follow-up measurement (> 6 months after the intervention) of disability performed?
Statistical Items
6. Was the sample size for each group described?
7. Were point estimates and measures of variability presented for disability?
Internal Validity Items
8. Was a method of randomization used?
9. Was treatment allocation concealed?
10. Were groups similar at baseline regarding the most important prognostic indicators?
11. Were co-interventions avoided or comparable?
12. Was the compliance acceptable in all groups?
13. Was the outcome assessor blinded to the intervention?
14. Was the withdrawal/dropout rate acceptable (maximum of 20% for short-term follow-up and 30% for long-term follow-up)?
15. Was timing of the outcome assessment in both groups comparable?
16. Did the analysis include an intention-to-treat analysis?
2. Results of the Trial
Disability outcome measure
Frailty components measures
Baseline and follow-up details: number of participants, time of follow-up and results of the analyses