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Table 2 Feasibility problems encountered

From: How to limit the burden of data collection for Quality Indicators based on medical records? The COMPAQH experience

Feasibility problem Rate (%)  
  Before data collection After data collection
Low implication/motivation of institution 13.5 8.3
Low hands-on implication/motivation 13.5 16.0
Low implication/motivation due to external events unrelated to the project 3.2 0.0
Staff unavailable over the phone 19.2 13.5
Staff unavailable to make an appointment 14.7 12.2
Staff did not turn up at appointment 11.5 18.6
Staff unavailable by email 15.4 15.4
Staff unavailable owing to an unexpected event 0.0 0.6
Staff misunderstood QI description in instructions brochure 41.0 44.9
Staff misunderstood QI in assessment grid 41.7 44.9
Staff misunderstood QI in assessment grid instructions 38.5 39.1
Non-compliance with instructions by archives department 8.4  
Non-compliance with instructions by department of medical information 8.3  
Non-compliance with instructions by person in charge of data collection 3.8  
Non-compliance with instructions by medical secretariat 0.0  
Non-compliance with instructions by the physician 1.0  
Non-compliance with protocol instructions for other reasons 6.4  
Difficulty for CRA to access all data in the medical records 15.4