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Table 2 Maximizing the benefits of interdisciplinary health research

From: It's all about relationships: A qualitative study of health researchers' perspectives of conducting interdisciplinary health research

Challenge Description Possible solutions for addressing challenge
Not understanding what interdisciplinary research is really about ▪ Researchers come to the table without fully appreciating the intent of interdisciplinary research study ▪ The research team together establishes how they define and view interdisciplinarity for their study
   ▪ A plan to assess whether the research team is meeting their goals regarding interdisciplinarity is in place
   ▪Regular assessment/refinement of progress is conducted
Varying personalities and viewpoints ▪ The focus of the research study is derailed by those with their own agenda/perspective ▪ Active leadership by principal investigator to keep all disciplines engaged and contributing
   ▪ Regular interaction/communication by team members
Marginality and power dynamics ▪ Some research team members minimize and exclude the contribution of other disciplines in the research team ▪ Explicitness re: each person's role & contribution to the study is established at the onset of the study
   ▪ Regular assessment of each discipline's contribution is built into the study plan