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Validating the Nordic assessment system/NASS – to the grouping of rehabilitation patients


Case-mix of the rehabilitation patients has been actual in many countries. Rehabilitation is delivered in multidisciplinary teams. Cost-effectiveness of rehabilitation work is of general interest. The definition rehabilitation and structure of the services varies between countries. Case-mix work on rehabilitation has been done previously at least in Australia, Canada and United States. The Nordic countries have a common interest. Therefore the Nordic Centre for Healthcare Classifications has published the first version of grouping logic and continues to work with the issue.


The new Nordic system to evaluate rehabilitation patients, called NASS (Nordic Assessment System), is been introduced. The useability of the grouping for the expenses, evaluation of the patients and education of the personnel will be presented.


The Nordic co-operation in rehabilitation case-mix will continue. A wider perspective, like quality of life and there relation to case-mix applications needs to be examined. This is essential for the case-mix of out-patient care. We have found international collaboration useful in our work.

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