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Table 2 Frequency of recruitment/retention factors mentioned by type of respondents

From: Exploring the effects of telehealth on medical human resources supply: a qualitative case study in remote regions

Dimension Factors (frequency)*
Individual • Native of the region (5Mn, 12Md)
  • Personality
     ▪Challenge (5Mn, 7Md)
     ▪Autonomy (2Mn, 3Md)
     ▪Feeling of security (2Mn, 3Md)
     ▪Polyvalent (1Mn, 4Md)
     ▪Resourceful (2Mn, 2Md)
     ▪Team work (1Mn, 1Md)
     ▪Healthy (2Md)
     ▪Easy to adapt (1Md)
Family • Spouse influence (8Mn, 17Md)
  • Family integration (7Mn, 15Md)
Community lifestyle • Quality of life/Social and cultural life (12Mn, 21Md)
  • Integration in the community (4Mn, 5Md)
Professional • Occupational well-being (12Mn, 29Md)
  • Multiskill practice (9Mn, 18Md)
  • Technical support center (6Mn, 10Md)
  • Team reputation (7Mn, 7Md)
  • Specialist availability (4Mn, 8Md)
  • Integration to the team (4Mn, 7Md)
Organisational • Critical mass (6Mn, 22Md)
  • Image of the center (4Mn, 3Md)
Educational • Training in the region (7Mn, 6Md)
  • CME (3Mn, 7Md)
  • Effective education (3Md)
Economic • Financial incitative (8Mn, 13Md)
  1. * Number of managers (Mn) and/or physicians (Md) who mentioned the item.