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Table 2 Main characteristics of each hospital

From: 'I believe that the staff have reduced their closeness to patients': an exploratory study on the impact of HIV/AIDS on staff in four rural hospitals in Uganda

  Hospital A Hospital B Hospital C Hospital D
Type Government Government PNFP, faith based PNFP, faith based
No. of beds 100 140 240 120
No. of health staff 103 83 148 108
Bed:staff ratio 1:1.03 1:0.59 1:0.62 1:0.90
New Out-Patient Department cases per day 74 86 85 57
Average length of stay (bed days per patient) 4.75 5.6 5.75 4.3
Patients on Antiretroviral Therapy 95 23 70 68
Observations -Pilot hospital for Routine Counselling and Testing   -AIDS clinic with 350 outpatients/HIV/AIDS activities financially supported by different donors.
-School to train enrolled nurses and laboratory assistants
-Vertical HIV/AIDS programme with own staff attached to the hospital, in addition to hospital HIV/AIDS-related services
-School to train enrolled nurses
  1. PNFP = Private Not for Profit