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Table 2 Additional nationally available information sources used by the participants

From: Use of comparative data for integrated cancer services

Information Mentions Source Description
National Clinical Audit Support Programme 8 Healthcare Commission Tumour-specific local audits
Secondary analysis of cancer registry data 7 Office of National Statistics National publications of cancer registrations and survival.
NatCanSat data 7 National Cancer Services Analysis Team Resource for data on services provision and activity.
Cancer screening data 7 NHS Cancer Screening Programmes Breast, cervical, prostate and colon cancer screening.
National reports on cancer services 6 National Audit Office Parliamentary reports, with some secondary analyses
Professional Body/Royal Colleges 5 Royal College of Surgeons and specialty groups Professional bodies carry out audits.
Smoking cessation data 4 NHS Stop smoking services statistical bulleting published annually.
Cancer drugs approvals 4 National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence Cancer drugs in association with NHS National Cancer Director
Web-based Information Learning System (WILS) 4 NHS Cancer Services Collaborative Organisational and tumour specific information for managers
Dr Foster 4 Commerical provider Analysing and presentation of NHS data.
Star ratings data 2 Healthcare Commission Performance indicators for monitoring health care.
  1. Others with one mention: National Centre for Health Outcomes Development; National confidential enquiry into patient outcome and death; Improving Outcomes Guidance data; Gold Standards Framework; Public Health Observatory; Pharmaceuticals utilization data; Pathspeak – pathology data; Programme budgeting data; National tracking exercise for investment in cancer services.