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Table 1 Patient volume in 2001 (patients admitted for the first time) for highly specialized medical services centralized to one (monopolies) or two (bipolies) university hospitals in Norway.

From: Quality or equality? The Norwegian experience with medical monopolies

Services and/or diagnoses allocated to health service monopolies or duopolies Volume hospital 1 Volume hospital 2 Location (city) of service
All organ transplantations# 354   Oslo
Cardiac arrhytmias (surgical treatment) 5   Oslo
Rheuma surgery in children 53   Oslo
Elective surgery in haemophiliacs 37   Oslo
Cochlea implants in children 33   Oslo
Advanced craniofascial surgery 74   Oslo
Hypoplastic left heart syndrome 8   Oslo
Embolization of cerebral A-V malformations 46   Oslo
Phenylketonuria 5   Oslo
Advanced replantation surgery 48   Oslo
Advanced retinal surgery 0   Oslo
Retinoblastoma 3   Oslo
Trans-sexualism 6   Oslo
Large hemangiomas and vascular malformations 153   Oslo
Diagnosis and treatment of severe epilepsia* 431   Oslo
Surgical treatment of epilepsia 50   Oslo
Choriocarcinoma 4   Oslo
Exentration surgery for gynaecologic. cancer 5   Oslo
Perfusion chemotherapy 5   Oslo
Congenital glaucoma 11   Oslo
Oculoplasty 71   Oslo
Advanced burns 70   Bergen
Elective hyperbar treatment 251   Bergen
Treatment with keratoprosthesis 0   Bergen
Radiation (knife) neurosurgery 178   Bergen
Photopheresis 5   Trondheim
Advanced invasive foetal care 71   Trondheim
Complicated neck and spine disorders 8   Trondheim
Neonatal surgery (excluded cardiac) 80 38 Oslo/Trondheim
Sperm bank 107 94 Oslo/Trondheim
Elective open heart surgery in children 200 49 Oslo/Bergen
Cochlea implants in adults 21 6 Oslo/Bergen
Intersex 8 11 Oslo/Bergen
Cleft lip-jaw-palate 113 45 Oslo/Bergen
Brachytherapy 0 4 Oslo/Bergen
  1. #Includes heart, lung, liver, pancreas, renal and allogenic bone marrow transplantations.
  2. *Includes also the services habilitation for severe epilepsia and pre-surgical evaluation for surgical treatment of epilepsia.