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Table 1 Demographic and socio-economic indicators in Oman

From: Patient-provider interaction from the perspectives of type 2 diabetes patients in Muscat, Oman: a qualitative study

Indicator Estimate
Total female population (%) 49
Literacy rate female/male 71/85
Population per one square kilometre 7.6
Life expectancy at birth (years) Female/Male 75/73
Crude death rate per 1000 Omani 2.7
Infant mortality rate per 1000 live births 10.3
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 13.6
Total expenditure on health as percentage of GDP 3.2
Physicians' density per 1000 population 1.3
Nurses' density per 1000 population 3.5
  1. Source: Final results of census 2003, Oman [7]