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Table 2 Outcome measures of the process evaluation

From: Feasibility of a cognitive behavioural group intervention to reduce fear of falling and associated avoidance of activity in community-living older people: a process evaluation

Variables BDI FU1 FU2 FU3
Performance intervention according to protocol     
   duration of the sessions Rf - - -
   deviations from protocol Rf - - -
Participant attendance     
   reasons for refusal before the start of the intervention TIp - - -
   number of sessions visited by each participant Rf - Rf -
   reasons for stopping during the intervention period TIp - TIp -
Participant adherence     
   adherence to homework assignments - Qp/Qf - -
   adherence to physical exercise - Qp/Qf Qp Qp
Opinion about intervention     
   overall opinion of the intervention (grade) - Qp/Qf - -
   opinion of the facilitators (grade) - Qp/Qf - -
   benefits experienced by participants   Qp/Qf Qp Qp
   strong and weak aspects of the intervention - Qp/Qf - -
   suggestions for improvement - Qp/Qf Qf  
  1. BDI = before or during intervention; FU1 = direct follow-up (directly after the intervention);
  2. FU2 = 6-month follow-up; FU3 = 12-month follow-up; R = registration form filled in after each session; Q = questionnaire; TI = telephone interview.
  3. Data collected from: f = facilitator; p = participant.