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Table 4 Annual packed red blood cell transfusions avoided with restrictive transfusion strategy

From: Effect of a restrictive transfusion strategy on transfusion-attributable severe acute complications and costs in the US ICUs: a model simulation

Population variables Input Source Output
Units pRBC TF/pt placebo arm 3.01 Corwin 2002 [16] 3.01
Units pRBC TF/pt restrictive group 1.74 Hebert [15] 1.74
Total units pRBC TF at risk ICU patients in 1 year    
   Current practice 1,020,800 x 3.01   3,073,360
   Restrictive practice 1,020,800 x 1.74   1,778,234
Total units avoided in 1 year with restrictive strategy 3,073,360–1,778,234   1,295,126
pRBC units/1 TSAC 1,624/49 Table 3 33
Total TSACs avoided 1,295,126/33   39,246
  1. PRBC, packed red blood cells; TF, transfusion; pt, patient; TSAC, transfusion-attributable severe acute complication