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Table 1 Answers from the structured interview reported with median and the mode.

From: Using system dynamics for collaborative design: a case study

Questions md/mode
In general, I think that the meetings have been successful 4/5
Modelling is an effective way to make a problem visible in an organisation 4/4
On the whole I support the conclusions and findings at the workshops 5/5
The modelling workshops supported an understanding of other people's viewpoints and ideas 4/5
Modelling provides a better opportunity to share visions between players compared with other meetings 4/4
As a result of the modelling workshops we have reached a shared vision of problems in our organisation 3/3
The participants' visions have come closer due to the modelling workshops 4/4
The causal diagram made communication between the participants comprehensible 4/4
Modelling produces better communication between the participants compared with other meetings 4/4
The causal diagram was developed from the participants' opinions and ideas 5/5
The modelling workshops have given me better insight into how the different parts in stroke care are related to each other 3/4