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Table 4 Changes in Utilization and Cost Attributable to Mail Order. Baseline Model (n = 680,277)

From: Drug utilization and cost in a Medicaid population: A simulation study of community vs. mail order pharmacy

  Mean Std Dev Confidence Interval of the Mean Difference (95%)
    Lower Upper
Day supply in community pharmacy 640.0 515.0   
Estimated day supply in mail order pharmacy 675.0 518.0   
Difference 35.3   35.2 35.3
% Difference 5.52%    
Drug product cost in community pharmacy $1,395.63 $5,982.19   
Estimated drug product cost in mail order pharmacy $1,471.62 $6,349.17   
Mail order cost reduction required to become cost neutral $75.99   $75.97 $77.00
% Difference 5.44%    
  1. Note: Utilization and costs after the first fill.