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Table 2 Reasons for non-use of complementary therapies

From: Complementary therapy use by patients and parents of children with asthma and the implications for NHS care: a qualitative study

• Concern about lack of scientific evidence that complementary therapies work
• A strong belief in the value of "scientific medicine"
• Conventional medicine works for asthma: "if it ain't broke don't fix it"
• No belief in complementary therapies: "old wives' tales", "myth", "superstition"
• Strong trust in doctors: "the doctor knows best"
• Lack of awareness of or interest in complementary therapies
• No perceived need: "my asthma's not that severe"
• No complementary therapy use within personal social networks
• Financial cost of private complementary therapies
• Uncertainty about quality and safety of over-the-counter complementary treatments