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Table 1 Availability of a national health policy, strategic health plan and health research policy

From: Status of national health research systems in ten countries of the WHO African Region

Health research policy No. of countries n= 10
Official national health policy (NHP) 7
Strategic health plan (SHP) 8
Official health research policy (HRP) 3
HRP with a preamble 3
HRP with health research situation analysis 3
HRP with a strategic vision for health research 3
Working plan for national health research system (NHRS) 2
Strategic vision for assessment of NHRS 2
National health research policy statement (aims, objectives) 2
Complementarity's between NHP and HRP 2
Universities involved in formulation of HRP 3
Medical research councils 3
Representatives of nongovernmental hospitals 2
Provincial or regional medical officers of health 3
District medical officers of health 2
National medical association 3
Administrators of HRP 3
HRP needs updating 2
HRP does not exist but policy-makers interested in developing it 7
WHO support needed in development of HRP 7
Form of support: technical 7
Guidelines on formulation of HRP 6
Financial support for health research situation analysis 6
Technical guidance in development of grant proposals 6
Human capacity development for HRP implementation 7
Sharing of experiences and lessons from countries with HRP 7