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Table 1 Preventive procedure questions and CPT, HCPC, and BETOS codes

From: Disparities in preventive procedures: comparisons of self-report and Medicare claims data

Preventive Procedure Survey Question Codes
PSA testing Have you a blood test for the detection of prostate cancer, known as PSA, in the past year? 84153, 84154, G0103
Influenza vaccination Did you have a flu shot for last winter? 90732, 90724, 90659, 90658, 90669, G0008, or a BETOS code of O1G
Pap smear testing Have you had a PAP smear in the past year? G0101, G0124, G0141, Q0091, P3001, G0123, G0143, G0144, G0145, G0147, G0148, 88142, 88143, 88147, 88148, 88150, 88151, 88152, 88153, 88154, 88156, 88157, 88164, 88165, 88166, 88167, 88174, 88175, P3000
Cholesterol testing When was the last time you had your blood cholesterol taken [Yes in the past year]? 82465, 83718, 83721, 83719, 80061.
Mammography Have you had a mammogram in the past year? 76090, 76091, 76092, or a BETOS code of I1C
Colorectal cancer testing When was your most recent test done? [Yes in the past year to EITHER colonoscopy test OR blood stool test] 82270, 82272, 82274, 82270, G0328, G0107, or a BETOS code of P8C or P8D