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Table 6 Complainants motives to lodge a complaint.

From: Patient expectations of fair complaint handling in hospitals: empirical data

- My first motive is to attack injustice.
- 'It is your duty. This should not happen to anyone else. Something has to change'.
- 'My aim is that something will change. I thought that the committee would be able to achieve more things than an individual patient'.
- 'I want justice to be done. I owe it to my deceased husband. I must avail of all manners to raise the issue. Otherwise I would regret it my whole life'.
- 'I have lodged a complaint despite the apology of the doctor. That is not enough. I don't let it down. I have suffered a lot last weeks'.
- 'My motive is to prevent it happen in the future. People should learn from it. Something must change'.
- My motive was to be taken seriously. I had suffered much pain and anxiety and the doctor had not taken it seriously.
- You should make known that things go wrong. That is your duty.