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Table 2 Summary of measurements and study outcomes

From: A study protocol: a community pharmacy-based intervention for improving the management of sleep disorders in the community settings

Measurements Instruments Group T0 T1 T2 Outcome
Surveys/measuring tools   
Socio-demographic and lifestyle Questionnaire ICG, UCG x    
Health-related quality of life I,E WHO-5 Well-being index (1998) ICG, UCG x   x  
Sleep scale scores I,E ESS, ISI, MAPI, IRLSSG ICG, UCG x   x  
Community pharmacy survey I Questionnaire ICG, UCG x    
Close-out survey E Questionnaire ICG, UCG    x
Sleep parameters assessment   
SE% Actigraph only ICG   x x  
TST, NWAK, SOL Actigraph and sleep ICG   x x  
Other factors that may interrupt sleep Sleep diary only ICG   x x  
Pharmacy survey   
Close-out survey for pharmacy Questionnaire Pharmacists, pharmacy staff    x  
  1. T0 = baseline, T1 = 1 week after baseline, T2 = 2 weeks after baseline.
  2. ICG: intervention care group; UCG: usual care group.
  3. ESS: Epworth Sleepiness Scale; ISI: Insomnia Severity Index; MAPI: Multivariate Apnea Prediction Index; IRLSSG: International Restless Legs Syndrome Study Group.
  4. SE%: Percentage of sleep efficiency; TST: Total sleep time per-24 hour period; NWAK: Number of nocturnal awakenings; SOL: Sleep onset latency.
  5. 1˚: Primary outcome; 2˚: Secondary outcome.
  6. I: ‘Initial Pharmacy Visit’ Questionnaires; E: ‘End of Study’ Questionnaires.