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Table 3 Proportion of health workers with adequate knowledge in prenatal and newborn care

From: Primary healthcare worker knowledge related to prenatal and immediate newborn care: a cross sectional study in Masindi, Uganda

Category Variable Proportion that made correct response n(%) Proportion with adequate knowledge n(%)
n = 183 n = 183
Prenatal care Timing & Frequency of ANC 51(27.9) 98(53.6)
Routine ANC activities 73(39.9)
Routine Observations in ANC 157(85.8)
Frequency of Health Education & important messages 131(71.6)
Danger signs during pregnancy 116(63.4)
Immediate Newborn care Initiation of BF and Pre-lacteal feeds 140(76.5) 85(46.5)
Duration and cessation of BF 94(51.4)
Care for the cord during delivery 132(72.1)
Newborn resuscitation 40(21.9)
Postnatal Timing & Assessment 36(19.7)
Managing infection Newborn bleeding and Vitamin K1 11(6.0) 13(7.1)
Managing eye infection 31(16.9)
Managing infected cord 55(30.1)
Care for LBW baby Identify and stabilize a LBW 19(10.4) 103(56.3)
Care for a LBW baby 93(50.8)
  1. ANC: antenatal care; LBW: Low birth weight.